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Monaco offers many possibilities for pharmacists.

An area of 2.02 km2 and a population of 37 800 inhabitants, the Principality of


Monaco has:

  • 16 pharmacies
  • 10 pharmaceutical companies (industries)
  •  1 wholesale distributors
  • 1 public biomedical analysis laboratory and 2 privates
  • 4 health establishments, one of which is very important not only for Monaco but also for the South of France

The 16 pharmacies are opened all around the town, each night and every  Sunday, one of them is in duty to provide emergency drugs. They all deliver prescriptions and provide over the counter drugs and cosmetics with advices for a secure treatment.

Currently about 90 pharmacists work in Monaco, in different sectors (pharmacies,  pharmacovigilance, bio-analyses laboratories, production, marketing, research, 
control, ...).


All pharmacists are registered by the Council of  Order which is divided into 3 sections :

  • Section “A”: Pharmacists holders & employees in Pharmacy, Hospital pharmacists
  • Section “B”: Pharmacists in pharmaceutical laboratories and in wholesale distributors
  • Section “C”: Biologists

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