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CFE-CGC Chemicals – dispensing/retail pharmacy branch


Foundation: The confederation of managerial personnel was founded in 1944.


Objectives: CFE-CGC Chemicals is the union for managerial staff and technicians in the chemicals industry, a member of the Confédération Française de l'Encadrement-CGC which includes in France the managerial staff and technicians of the dispensing/retail pharmacy sector. It is one of the five union organisations approved for negotiation of the national collective agreements which govern the employment contracts of managerial staff and technicians throughout their careers.


Members: There are approximately 26,000 assistant, locum and manager dispensing/retail pharmacists registered with the French Order of Pharmacists, most of whom are employees of very small businesses (fewer than eleven employees). Managerial staff with specific statuses, governed by the Labour Code but also by the Public Health Code, they have the same prerogatives, rights and duties as the owner/manager pharmacists who are their employers. Same studies, same qualification, same profession.


Operational organisation: The CFE-CGC represents dispensing/retail pharmacy managerial staff and technicians collectively and negotiates the collective agreements for the profession and in the major pharmacy chains.


Their representatives are members by right of all the bodies participating in the collective negotiation of the profession and of the bodies managing the social funds (retirement, health insurance, death/disability insurance, training).


They are also available to provide personal assistance to pharmacists and inform them by answering their questions about their rights: recruitment and forms of employment contracts, working hours, paid holidays, maternity leave, working conditions, employment contract termination (resignation, dismissal/redundancy, mutually negotiated termination), continuing education.


Contacts: If you want to come to work in France, either taking up residence or in order to provide a service, do not hesitate to contact us before or during your stay.


FEDERATION CFE-CGC Chimie (for negotiation of collective agreements)

33, avenue de la République – 75011 PARIS - FRANCE

Phone: +33 142 28 28 05; Fax: +33 142 28 12 99




SNCC (Union responsible for new members in the dispensing/retail pharmacy sector)

94, rue Lafayette – 75010 PARIS- France

Phone: +33 153 24 66 99; Fax: +33 142 46 72 97


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